Digital Leadership
– a digital
strategy-execution firm.

We believe in abundance.

There is an abundance of opportunities out there.
We are here to help our customers seize them.
And, ideally, to help build a better future.

Delivering success since

– always profitable, not debt, no external dependencies.


large projects & programs, ranging from €50,000 to €100 Million


confident customers


experts deployed across our projects serving all industry sectors

Environmentally fair: we are proud to be CO2 neutral!

We normally work on the site of our customers, which allows us to be most focused & effective but, unfortunately, also requires a lot of travel.

Individual experts or whole teams

That is why we as a team have committed ourselves to offset our carbon emissions by planting trees where they are most needed.

Digital Leadership has now planted more than 8 hectares of forest in Paraguay, the Philippines & Australia – enough to compensate for a team of 40 people, including not just 2 weekly European flights each, but their entire carbon footprint.
Want to be a part? Consider the following organizations:

What we value.

People and connections

> Honesty begets honesty

> Respect begets respect

> Openness & transparency unite us

> Everybody has value & wants to contribute

Evolution & evaluation

> We think in terms of progress

> The key question: “What is different now?”

> The iteration matters – not achieving a finality

> Flexibility, testing & pivoting

Results & rewards

> No status; No ego; No bull

> Ownership & accountability

> Shared goals & shared success

> Clear objectives & clear metrics

What we do differently.

Top notch acting.

Our approach has delivered success for over a decade.

Our client list includes top-five players in all sectors throughout Europe.

We are also currently supporting & investing in several new startups.


We are proud of our team and network. Almost all of us have 10+ years relevant experience jointly covering all fields of the digital industry. Used to working together, with great empathy and the ability to get things done.

At home in the world, but operating by your side.

We normally work very closely with our customers at their premises. At the same time, we always maintain an eye on the entire European & International picture. Whether you need to test a prototype in your own neighborhood or deliver product around the world, we can help. We currently operate from four regional hubs, but are open to any location.

> Brussels, Belgium

> Munich, Germany

> Pula, Croatia

> Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates