How will you win in the `20s?

Upgrade, transform or innovate?

Depending on your goals, the means to get there will vary substantially, as will the returns.

  • To upgrade, you need to accelerate your existing business.
  • To transform is an incremental change involving at least one component of your business model.
  • To innovate is a radical change, requiring entirely new ways of thinking & doing.

What do you want to achieve?

What do you want to achieve?

Depending on your goal, you will have substantially different expectations, objectives & returns.

Upgrade the business
  • 0 to 12 month
  • Objective: optimize existing business
  • Return: modest (single digit % improvement)
Transform the business
  • 12 to 36 month
  • Objective: pursue new opportunities
  • Return: moderate (double digit % improvement)
Innovate the business
  • 36 to 72 month
  • Objective: break new ground
  • Return: high (triple digit % improvement)

What Got You Here
Won't Get You There

If it did, you'd already be a Digital Leader.

If you want to change your future, you'll need to change your approach. In short, you need to differentiate between upgrade, transform and innovate.

You'll need to be smarter, more competitive, more innovative.

And you may need to disrupt yourself, before somebody else does.

How will you win in the '20s?

How do you meet your objective?

To change your business, you must change your approach. Each horizon requires its own ways of thinking & doing.

Upgrade the business
  • Location: Within the existing business
  • Approach: Process management
  • Methodology: Six Sigma, Kaizen
  • Success measures: Margins, productivity
Transform the business
  • Location: Initially separate to test, then implement viable changes internally
  • Approach: Testing central hypotheses; development of market prototype
  • Methodology: Design Thinking, MVP, StageGate
  • Success measures: Milestones, test metrics
Innovate & build a new business
  • Approach: Agile; Minimum Viable Product (MVP); managing uncertainty; prioritizing risk, pivoting
  • Methodology: Customer Development, MVP, Design Thinking
  • Location: Separated from existing business
  • Success measures: Learning and growth metrics

What does it take to be successful?

An Ambidextrous Organization develops a portfolio encompassing all three horizons: Upgrade; Transform; & Innovate. Such companies initiate & maintain large numbers of projects across the Transform & Innovate horizons, while at the same time continuously working to improve their existing business model & serve existing customers better.

ut portfolio allocation is not enough. It is critical to implement strategies, approaches & work methods appropriate to each horizon & each project.


An Established Winning Record

At Digital Leadership we know how to succeed in digital transformation – after all, we have done it again & again, with the big players as well as scrappy start-ups.

We offer extensive practical knowledge:
10+ years of experience with leading companies throughout Europe & around the world.

As well as deep theoretical knowledge:
10+ years of research, both independently & in cooperation with Global University Alliance & LEADing Practice.

We have internalized the patterns behind evolutionary upgrades, enterprise transformation & radical innovation, & are proud of our ability to integrate these patterns into any business.

Want to learn more?

  • Digital Leadership Strategy Framework
  • Enterprise Innovation Approach
  • What Distinguishes Outperformers from Underperformers?

How We Work

Strategic thinking, hands-on doing.

Product development, customer experience, agility, testing & pivoting, effective integration & execution.

Digital innovation & implementation – all in one, end2end & with the entrepreneurial spirit required.

Our Experience; Our Success

Examples of key projects we have led on all three horizons

Upgrade the business
  • Managed the digital strategy & entire redesign for a top 10 global bank
  • Led the digital channels relaunch for a leading global telco
  • Led the intranet relaunch for a fortune 500 company
Transform the business
  • Led the Go-to-Market for a complex B2B SaaS software
  • Developed the product architecture & concept for a B2B2C SaaS software & brought it to market
  • Led the corporate design, branding & communication for the entire European product line of a global top 10 Internet brand across Europe
Innovate the business
  • Created & went live with the first digital pharmacy in the world to also sell prescription medication online
  • Developed an entirely new proposition & app to sell mortgage credits, receiving stellar ratings from customers
  • Invested in & growth-hacked a startup in the B2B events space that is now valued in the high 8-figure range
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