The Innovation Show for Corporate Innovators struggling to keep up with innovation in 2024!

Recognise and leverage the closely-guarded key patterns behind successful innovators like Amazon and Google...

  • Achieve breakthroughs without the fear of failure often associated with major change.
  • Get the blueprints we use to create a 50%+ success rate in innovation!
  • Save millions of EUR / USD by avoiding the next financial graveyards!
  • Avoid the usual zig-zag and learn how to become much more effective as a team.

Wednesday, 27th of March at 17:00 GMT – Live


100% FREE event. There will be no recording.

Discover the secrets of innovation success

From 60+ industry-leading experts who conducted 5+ years of research into all 75x pain points associated with innovation.

Avoid failure by systematically leveraging patterns

We wrote the book on innovation - our global bestseller 'How to Create Innovation' , published by Wiley includes over 50+ 'UNITE models' and patterns we will draw upon during the show.

Go from a 10% to 50%+ chance of project success

We've honed and distilled the EXACT processes to follow from over 80+ innovation projects as consultants, founders, and investors.

What other innovation professionals say about our show

If you have Stefan on your team, your chances of success immediately double or triple.
The UNITE Innovation Framework is by far the most advanced yet practical framework we have seen when it comes to innovation.
This is by far the most holistic and end2end toolchain available on the market!

The Format

The Innovation Show takes place live on Zoom and lasts for up to 2 hours. You will receive your access link by email just in time for the start.

There is no easier way to soak up master-level innovation know-how and learn patterns you can implement right away.

The Hot Seat

You submit your questions via the chat. 2-3 participants are invited to join Stefan and his team of experts on the Hot Seat for a 30-minute live consultation.

Even as a spectator in the background, you will take away the key innovation success patterns that you won't find anywhere else.

Live Coaching

In the Hot Seat, you will be coached for 30 minutes as if the success and growth of your business were in Stefan's hands.

Stefan will make your challenges his own and develop solutions that you can immediately implement.

FREE Bonus: Innovation Blueprint

As a show attendee, you will get our 'success blueprint' to how we reliably create innovation (~50% success rate) with a 10+ year track record covering 80+ innovation projects around the globe.

Join hundreds of other innovation professionals like you

Only in the Innovation Show do you have the chance to master your current and future challenges, leveraging the patterns behind successful innovation shared by a Master Innovator.

  • 1:1 advice at eye level
  • Patterns of success decoded
  • 100% added value
  • 0 sales pitches
  • Live and unscripted

100% FREE event. There will be no recording.


We cover what innovators are typically struggling with

1. Laying the foundation for your innovation initiative.

A great foundation paves the way to great success. Without it, your chances of success vanish.

Only start with the right setup

Overcome the shortcomings and obstacles in your current setup and fine-tune your target setup.

Innovate where you can make a difference

Create unfair advantage by leveraging the differentiating strength of your parent organization in your innovation initiative.

Understand customer needs precisely

Replace ideation with a precise understanding of your customers’ important but unmet needs.

2. Creating innovation successfully.

Create your value proposition and business setup. Leverage the systematic patterns behind successful innovation.


Fine-tune your positioning and target your offer to the most affluent part of your target group.

Lead with a holistic business setup

Lead with an integrated business setup from customer needs to value proposition to business model to operating model.

Building & leading innovative teams

Find out which positions you should fill first, what qualities you should look for. Then learn how to make decisions and get the right people in charge.

3. Scaling to create an impact.

Once you have paying customers, learn how to exponentially scale your results.

Leverage Business Model Innovation

Learn how to leverage the power of Business Model Innovation. Most innovators totally omit BMI – and wrongly so!

Scale to see 
bottom-line results

Reduce your operational effort and focus on the strongest levers by introducing processes and systems that take the pressure off you.

Leverage exponential technologies

Access the power of new technologies such as AI to increase differentiation, boost your offering and scale your potential.


With over two decades at the forefront of digital innovation, Stefan F. Dieffenbacher is recognized as a global thought leader in the innovation space.

He's the visionary behind some of the most transformative initiatives across industries, breaking new ground with strategies that have reshaped how organizations approach innovation.

Stefan led one of the largest research initiatives in innovation, leading to the bestseller “How to Create Innovation” and the “UNITE models”, which are used by over 100k professionals globally. 

In early 2020, Stefan accelerated a new venture in innovation consulting, achieving exponential growth and marking it as his latest success in a series of multimillion-dollar endeavors.

He generously shares his keys to successful customer acquisition and scaling in the Innovation Show, offering invaluable insights to innovators around the globe aiming to make an impact.

Stefan is passionate about uncovering "hidden gems" in the industry, guiding them with his expertise and experience to become recognized leaders in their fields.

How to get the most out of the Innovation Show

Have your camera on, listen attentively and interact with Stefan and his team in the chat.

Have a friendly and personable demeanor towards your hosts and the other participants.

Have a growth mindset and be open to being coached on the Innovation Show.

Be currently involved in an innovation initiative or have a future project in mind.


Wednesday, 27th of March at 17:00 GMT – Live




100% FREE event. There will be no recording.

The Innovation Show offers unique learnings - and that in real-life.
The UNITE Innovation Framework is by far the most advanced yet practical framework we have seen when it comes to innovation.
This is by far the most holistic and end2end toolchain available on the market!

What are you waiting for?

  • Over the last decade, our team has empowered dozens of organizations to drive successful innovation from idea to reality, from pure digital players to mid-sized firms to Fortune 500 companies.
  • The methodologies and strategies you'll receive in this live coaching have systematically increased the success rate of innovation initiatives, turning the typical 90% failure rate on its head.
  • For the first time, you have the unique opportunity to benefit 100% free of charge from our treasure trove of knowledge and experience - live, interactive, and direct. No pre-recorded sessions, no catch.

100% FREE event. There will be no recording.

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