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  • Elude 90% of innovation failure causes using the UNITE Business Model Canvas!

    How can this tool help you secure your project and business success?

    By providing you with the right, ready-to use framework to:
    – Bridge the silos,
    – Develop a vision everybody will buy into,
    – Create a unifying strategy,
    – And draw a roadmap for getting there.

    And how can this framework, in practise, ensure success?

    It covers all the key aspects defining and determining a company’s growth, which are

    what an organization offers, including its
    Value – and Service Model (the Service
    Model is often omitted!)

    how this value is created
    (with the Operating Model)

    how this value is presented to the
    customer (with the Experience

    Operations Cost Model

    The Business Revenue Model

    And with what specific tools this Canvas allows you to define all the business key aspects?

    Unite Business Model Canvas – empty/with questions

    Extended Business Model Canvas – empty/with questions

    Overview of the entire UNITE Business Model Framework, which helps you  understand the role of the Business Model Canvas in context

    Workshop instructions

    Fill order & risk management guide

    Looking for even more depth?

    The UNITE Business Model Framework – the first of its kind – details out the entire eXtended Business Model into more granular tools that you can work with.

    If you want to deep – dive on a particular area, use one of the related models – they are all available for FREE and are all OpenSource.

    Of course there are other areas you could deep – dive on as well – this framework just shows the most important relations.

    To see all relationships, download the UNITE Business Model Canvas!

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