The UNITE Innovation & Transformation tools & models

Over 50 tools and models to help you radically innovate and transform your organization without reading 50 books (and still getting nowhere!) Download now and hit the ground running.

The UNITE Innovation & Transformation Tools & Models

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The following tools and models support the one you are exploring. If you’re ready to go further, check them out., download the models below and continue your journey …


The Origin of this Model:
» How to Create Innovation «

How to Create Innovation is a practical, comprehensive, OpenSource guide for successful corporate innovation. The UNITE initiative and movement, spearheaded by Stefan F. Dieffenbacher and Caroline Hüttinger and supported by a diverse team of industry leaders and innovation researchers, aims to spark a revolution in global innovation and transformation.


How to CREATE INNOVATION is a workbook for students, innovators, designers, and government and corporate leaders who appreciate and are curious about emerging technologies and the accelerating pace of innovation. It challenges the status quo and supports the development of the mindset, beliefs and strategies necessary for the next stage of business evolution. Leverage the UNITE innovation framework to conceptualize and build the future of your business.
The UNITE Average Life Expectancy of S&P 500 Companies
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Benefit from Digital
Leaderships’ experience


Digital Leadership is a strategy-execution firm built on strong and innovative values. We support our customers in strategizing, building and securing their future through the creation of fully digitally enabled, and extraordinarily successful, products and businesses. Our agile, lean, fast-track business setup, coupled with access to an extensive pool of highly specialized and trusted resources (customized for each customer’s journey), allows for ideating and building in an effective and meaningful way.


Shared goals are the cornerstone of our customer approach. To date, our team has successfully led 74 projects with numerous global players across all industry sectors, ranging from $50,000 projects to $100 million ones. But helping our customers’ build their futures is not enough. We are committed to changing the world through the sharing of powerful innovation and transformation practices. Join the UNITE movement and help us start an innovation revolution.

Stefan Dieffenbacher 1
Stefan F. Dieffenbacher
Founder & Managing Director of Digital Leadership

»We build digital winners.
It's what we are made for. Let's create winning digital businesses – together. And, at the same time, let’s create a world worth living in.«



People and connections

- Honesty begets honesty - Respect begets respect - Openness & transparency unite us

Evolution and evaluation

- We think in terms of progress - The key question: "What is different now?" - The iteration matters - not achieving a finality - Flexibility, testing & pivoting

Results & rewards

- No status; No ego; No bull - Ownership & accountability - Shared goals & shared success

This is Digital Leadership
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