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The UNITE Value Proposition Canvas

The Value Proposition Canvas provides a framework that centers your customers. It supports understanding the problem your customer is truly trying to solve, so that you can design an elegant and effective solution.

Central to a customer-centric approach ​

Identify your Jobs to be Done and build an offering based on them ​

Discover your true competitors ​

Increase the chance of product launch success​

What the download contains

  • The UNITE Value Proposition Canvas
  • The UNITE Business Model Canvas
  • Overview of the entire UNITE Business Model Framework, which helps you understand the role of the Value Proposition in context

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    What People Are Saying

    Why we use it:

    Many people begin innovation with a product but discover when they launch that no one wants or needs what they have created. Through the Jobs-to-be-Done (JTBD) framework, we center the customer’s needs and ensure that the product/solution you design will respond to a specific job they need to get done. 

    The Value Proposition Canvas has three sides.

    The Customer Profile in the center of the canvas allows you to get into your customer’s head and thus clarify their Job to be Done from both functional and psychological perspectives.

    The Product Value Map on the left helps you define how you intend to create value for that customer given their unmet needs. The ultimate objective is to achieve fit between the Customer Profile and the Product Value Map. You have achieved that fit once the product solves a clear Job to be Done.

    The Substitutes section outlines what people are currently using to solve their Job to be Done and identifies inertias and obstacles that might prevent them from switching, even if your solution is superior. Your product is competing against other products that meet customers’ deeper needs in entirely different ways. Gaining a customer means not only offering a superior solution but overcoming their resistance to trying something new.

    What is the goal of the model?

    That’s easy: A happy customer. Happy customers ensure your company’s success, and you make customers happy by providing a solution to a problem that they need solved. This can only be achieved by placing the customer at the center of the process, understanding their needs and iterating your product until it perfectly meets their needs.



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    The Origin of this Model:
    » How to Create Innovation «

    How to Create Innovation is a practical, comprehensive, OpenSource guide for successful corporate innovation. The UNITE initiative and movement, spearheaded by Stefan F. Dieffenbacher and Caroline Hüttinger and supported by a diverse team of industry leaders and innovation researchers, aims to spark a revolution in global innovation and transformation.


    How to CREATE INNOVATION is a workbook for students, innovators, designers, and government and corporate leaders who appreciate and are curious about emerging technologies and the accelerating pace of innovation. It challenges the status quo and supports the development of the mindset, beliefs and strategies necessary for the next stage of business evolution. Leverage the UNITE innovation framework to conceptualize and build the future of your business.

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    Shared goals are the cornerstone of our customer approach. To date, our team has successfully led 74 projects with numerous global players across all industry sectors, ranging from $50,000 projects to $100 million ones. But helping our customers’ build their futures is not enough. We are committed to changing the world through the sharing of powerful innovation and transformation practices. Join the UNITE movement and help us start an innovation revolution.
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