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Digital Leadership is a digital strategy-execution firm.


What is your goal for digital business success?

Digital transformation is any organization’s biggest challenge – and its biggest opportunity.

Successful digital transformation

A digital transformation is measured by its outcomes. Do we now generate revenue from new sources and in new ways? Have we rethought our value model? Have we realigned our value chain and fundamentally changed how we produce value? Do we interact with and serve our customers differently?

A strong strategy is centerpiece, covering the directional components, such as vision, mission and objectives, as well as providing a road map how to get there, namely a realigned value, service, revenue and operating model.

Strategy is, however, just the first step. Enterprises of all sorts do not necessarily fail because of their vision; they fail due to a lack of a clear and credible way to implement that vision – the infamous strategy-execution gap.

Whether you are a large corporation, a startup or somewhere in between, you will find us to be a partner who knows the way and who has been there.

Ideas are worthless unless they are executed properly.

Create real innovation

At Digital Leadership, innovation is not a theoretical exercise, but rather a daily practice. We are founders, investors, strategists and implementers, coming from many different disciplines but working together as an integrated team.

If you already have a concrete business idea, we can help you with fast-paced and fully integrated execution. And if you have yet to develop a specific idea, we can help you with a user-centric opportunity assessment and strategy definition.

We know how to identify user needs and develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) within a very short time, launch a brand in the market and then use growth hacking techniques to increase market penetration – all in a way that is customer-focused,  hypothesis- and number-driven.

A superior user experience generates
50% of the results.

Creating great user experiences

The packaging and the context provide half of the perceived value of any product. Consider a plastic watch from China and a Rolex: both indicate the time, but the two are worlds apart.

We have one goal: to not just change the packaging, but to change the perception as a whole. For leading European enterprises from all sectors we have been able to reposition their brands, increase their exposure and recognition, and create User Experiences that were a resounding success.

From our experience, the result is often a high two digit percentage increase.

Successful implementation means interdisciplinary understanding and excellence in execution – you have to be able to do it.

The art of successful

As a rule, the problem with implementing projects does not lie with a strategy or concept, but rather in coherently implementing a strategy or concept across all disciplines.

A cross-disciplinary combination of Technology, Product, Data, Experience, Brand and Communication – this is our strength, and with the »Digital Leadership Strategy Framework™« we have created a proprietary foundation for this.

The main challenge is to understand the relationships between strategy and execution, and then effectively link all of the strategic elements with all of the phases of execution.

How to position yourself in the market for best success

Turbo boost of marketing
& sales

New product launches or the relaunch of whole digital channels raise two critical questions: what does that mean for our brand and positioning; and how do we best penetrate our target market segments?

As purchase decisions are primarily researched online today, an enterprise’s digital department often thus de facto shapes brand development and marketing.

Boosting marketing and sales thus often includes rethinking and realigning the organization’s service and performance model. In short, how can we get more bang for the buck?

This is a reality we face with each new launch effort we support, and as a result our experience and expertise continue to grow.

With the right experts, your initiative is
sure to succeed!

Let our team become your team

Success can only be achieved with the right people, and these are exactly the people Digital Leadership delivers: experts in project and product management, marketing, software development, IT operations, technology, data management, as well as consulting and coaching.

Our team members tend to be T-shaped experts, with broad general knowledge across disciplines as well as deep expertise in their own field. Similarly, they have local market know-how yet maintain an understanding of wider trends, innovations & markets across Europe & around the world.

Our people have many years of relevant experience in their respective areas – experience gained through countless projects in a wide range of industries and markets – and strong social and managerial skills compatible with your corporate culture.

We have exactly the experts your company, & your project, need.


Family business
& founder owned.

We are known for our excellent customer service, personal attention & human contact.

At the same time, we are globally oriented, working directly with some of the world’s top institutions.

We also draw upon a 10,000-strong network of experts from across Europe & around the world.

It is going to be worthwhile.

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