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    accelerating Change is what we do.

    Stop guessing the next steps that you need to take to successfully scale and transform your business. Start following proven approaches that have supported some of the largest global companies with confidence.

    Trusted By Global Companies


    Achieve Your Strategic Business Goals & Dominate The Competition.

    From Strategy & Innovation to Implementation and Marketing, we help you create a digital transformation program tailored to your business goals so you can leave the competition behind.

    Digital Leadership provides your organization the ability to maximize & scale your business and create success in digital business.

    How To Create Innovation In Your Organization.

    We’ve created the only book you’ll ever need on corporate innovation! Over 450 pages and 50+ models systematically covered in depth. The content that makes up the book has been contributed to by over 60+ industry thought leaders who are at the pinnacle of their craft.

    Did you know that 90% of innovation and growth projects fail because they don’t meet customer needs, they miss the right setup, and they lack a cohesive end-to-end approach? That’s exactly why we created this book. To bridge all the silos and offer a proven, step-by-step process of innovation and growth.


    We Help You Scale
    Every Aspect Of Your Business

    From Strategy to Implementation, we’ve got you covered.
    Our promise: from whiteboard to reality!
    Digital Transformation

    Digital technology is changing the world, are you ready to fully digitize your business?

    We’ll help you undertake the key steps and help you structure your products and services in a way that’s ready for the future.

    Discover our Digital
    Transformation Practice
    Create Real Innovation

    Strategic business innovation is what separates your business from the rest.

    Define your value & amplify it, we’ll help you uncover your innovation strategy to take over your industry and position you as the go-to leader.

    Learn More About
    CREATING Real Innovation
    Brands & Experiences
    that matter

    Ensuring your user experience is top tier is a neccesity in today’s age.

    We’ll help you redefine your user experience to capture & retain user attention through their journey.

    Explore the Brand &
    Experience Design Practice
    Turbo Boost
    Marketing & Sales

    Marketing & sales is argueably the most important aspect of every business, you need to make your business heard by your customers.
    We’ll help you define your marketing domination plan & implementation strategy.

    Discover our Digital
    Marketing & Sales Practice
    Create a winning
    organization & culture

    When an organization works like a well oiled machine, everything seams to flow easier, even dealing with problems.

    Creating a winning team is an art and requires understanding key principles that define culture.

    drive Culture &
    organizational change
    Successfully implement

    A strategy without an action plan is just a great idea.

    You need the team, skills & resources to succesfully implement your strategies and plans, and we can help you handle everything from start to finish.

    Discover Project
    Management & Execution
    Find Strong Experts

    Finding top talent for your business is no easy feat, But when you can find the perfect expert for your business needs, it makes all the difference.

    We have a strong network across all disciplines available for you.

    Hire Proven Experts
    Need something else?

    We offer a wide varay of services to help your organization grow.

    If you have a specific requirement that you’d like to talk about, simply reach out to our team today and we would be happy to speak to you.


    Meet The Team

    We’ve amassed some of the top experts in each field of transformation to help you with your business goals.
    Associate Partner Brand & Experience Design

    Patrick Zimmermann

    Patrick Zimmermann is an experience and design strategist with a long-standing track-record from firms such as IDEO, Publicis and Sapient.

    Founder & CEO

    Stefan F. Dieffenbacher

    Working with some of the largest global companies in the world, Stefan is a highly recognized industry thought leader in innovation & transformation.

    Partner Brand & Experience Design

    Caroline Hüttinger

    Caroline is a veteran brand & experience leader who’s led design experience with some of the most respected brands in the marketplace.

    Partner for Organizational Development

    Dr. Andreas Rein

    Andreas Rein is a C-Level sparring partner and organizational development agent supporting organizations from strategy to agile execution.

    Partner for Innovation & Digital Transformation

    Sascha Martini

    Sascha is a world class innovation & digital transformation leader with a human centered approach. Ex-R/GA & razorfish CEO.

    Partner Culture Change

    Susanne M. Zaninelli

    Susanne is a leading authority in the field of culture change. She has led organizational change projects for key players across the world.

    Partner for IT Strategy & Business Alignment

    Adam D. Wisniewski

    Adam is a seasoned transformation and digitization expert. He led major programs at the intersection of IT and business for international organizations

    Become a partner.
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    Our Unique Approach To Your Business

    From our first strategy call to implementation, we want to make sure that every step of your journey is mapped out to ensure maximum success.

    Strategy & Business Assessment Call

    The first step in our journey to digital transformation is assessing your current business situation & needs and designing a potential action plan for the near future

    Preparation For Success Proposition

    When we have identified the best strategy for success for your business needs, we will provide a clear roadmap & experiential journey you can expect when working with us.

    Action, Implementa-tion, Success

    When we are aligned on your success roadmap, we then get to work. While working together, you’ll receive consistent implementation updates to ensure alignment and satisfaction throughout our journey.

    Start Your Transformation Journey With Us Today.


    Access Our Tools & Knowledge With The UNITE Models.

    We have compiled all our knowledge in an OpenSource format to enable the large community of Innovators around the world.

    The UNITE Innovation & Transformation models cover everything you need to know about how to innovate & transform your organization digitally.

    Ready To Uncover Your Digital Solution?

    Speak to our team today to find the best solution for your business to grow and scale.
    Digital Leadership

    Please be invited to schedule your complimentary strategy call at your convenience! We look forward to a very special conversation!
    Schedule Your Free Business Assessment Call With Our Team
    Find a time on our calendar that best suits you !

    On this call, we will uncover your current business situation and goals and provide you with a bespoke solution that helps you drastically grow your business working with us.

    Stefan F. Dieffenbacher
    This Strategy Call Is Perfect For:
    >   Businesses looking to create a digital solution that fits their business needs.

    >   Business who are stuck on the next steps to take in their business and looking for a proven strategy to scale.

    >   Businesses looking to take the next steps to global domination and need a step-by-step game plan to scale.

    Have A General Inquiry?

    Simply shoot us an email by clicking the button and speak to a member of our team today to find out how we can best help you with your transformation goals.