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«Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.»

— Steve Jobs
Who better to entrust with your business innovation than those who wrote the most complete book on the topic?
Digital Leadership has successfully helped corporate start-ups find their footing and Top-Five players in all sectors around the world identify and create new opportunities.

Hear From Others Who Have Already Read The Book

Hear what others who have consumed the expert content inside our book have said.

We are here to help

From start to finish, we can help you define your innovation strategy and launch road-map, together.

Develop an innovation strategy

The biggest potential problems of innovation?

If you do not leverage existing capabilities innovation is probably not going to be sustainable.

This is why we tailor each innovation strategy to each company, scale and budget.

Find your direction & approach!

Develop a new offer

Isn’t the first step in creating a new offer the most difficult?

Not if you know how to use existing assets to maximize profit and minimize costs.

And we have been doing this for over 10 years, getting our clients millions of revenue.

Uncover your winning strategy

Create an entirely new business

Driven by unique customer insights, business model innovation, tech and data, we create unique and defendable new business.

We will help drive your initiative, as we did for dozens of both start-up as well as corprotate customers.

Disrupt your industry & grow

Launch an Innovation Unit

Ready to give birth to a new unit of your business, fully devoted to drive innovation?

From the groundwork to the final stages, we will make sure the new unit is coherent, on-point, cost and time-effective.

Create innovation at scale


Not always the first step is the most difficult part…

From pricing to product placement, from consumer profiling to market research we will take your new offer, product or service to the next level.

Launch & make it happen!

Innovate a core business

Want to reimagine your core business but do not know where to start?

We’ll strategically identify the biggest levers on both your value proposition, operating model and business model to defend your business and set you up for growth!

Reimagine your core business

Go beyond product & leverage the entire spectrum

Innovation is far more then the often too limited focus on product improvements!

Leverage truly unique customer insights, data, technology, business model innovation as well as your firm’s differentiating strengths to get “Where No Man Has Gone Before” …

Why should you believe we are the most profitable choice for your business?

Unrivaled knowledge

We may have the world's largest body of research on the topic of innovation.


We have been there: on countless engagements for some of the world's most amazing brands.

Highly senior

Our typical team member has on average at least one master degree and over 10 years of experience.


Typically we work in an integrated way with your team and will enable you.

Entre- preneurial

We are entrepreneurs ourselves and we have been in senior industry positions.


With access to an unrivaled pool of experts, we can be as flexible as you need us to be.


We work across all disciplines and can optionally be deeply integrated in your organization.


We work end2end - strategy to launch to ongoing improvements.

Some of the clients that entrusted us with their innovation projects

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Start modeling a proven system for business growth & innovation fully supported with the most comprehensive UNITE Innovation Frameworks, created by over 60+ expert contributors.

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Innovation is the only effective survival strategy

Apply growth-hacking techniques to scale
Test, iterate & confirm
Develop Value Propositions that exploit
underserved customer needs
Understanding important
but underserved customer needs
Find blue oceans that YOU can grow into
“Digital Leadership not only delivered on time, but exceeded all of our expectations.”

Chief Marketing Officer of a leading automotive company.

Meet our Partners


Stefan F. Dieffenbacher

Founder and CEO of Digital Leadership
Stefan has led some of the largest innovation & transformation projects around the world.
He is an sought-after thought leader in the digital innovation and transformation industry and brings over 20 years of experience in the field.
He has led major digital programs for top-10 global firms across almost all sectors, strategizing, executing and growth-hacking digital ventures with the largest business cases exceeding €100m.

Sascha Martini

Partner for Innovation & Digital Transformation at Digital
Sascha is an experienced business leader who has led the development of world-class offerings at the intersection of creativity, technology and innovation.
As the long-standing Razorfish and R/GA CEO in the DACH region, Sascha has a proven track record of business growth, business strategy, (digital) business innovation and entrepreneurial thinking. Sascha pairs a highly empathetic & purposeful leadership style with extraordinary people and communication skills.

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Stefan F. Dieffenbacher
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