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How to CREATE INNOVATION is a workbook for students, innovators, designers, and government and corporate leaders who appreciate and are curious about emerging technologies and the accelerating pace of innovation. It challenges the status quo and supports the development of the mindset, beliefs and strategies necessary for the next stage of business evolution. Leverage the UNITE innovation framework to conceptualize and build the future of your business.
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Some of the topics covered in the book


The Cold Hard Truth about how the world is changing


The Real Secret to creating targeted innovation and blue oceans


How to Kickstart a transformation project in a large organization


How to identify a White Space with near-certainty


A Concrete Roadmap
to designing an environment where digital ambitions bloom


The Keys to fostering an innovation


How to leverage technology to reinvent your Business Model


Successfully leading Digital Transformations

And much, much more…

The main authors

Stefan F. Dieffenbacher

Founder of Digital Leadership

Stefan is an industry thought leader for digital innovation and transformation. He has led major digital programs for top 10 global firms across almost all sectors. He pairs boardroom-level strategy thinking and deep portfolio management experience with the ability to execute.

Caroline Hüttinger

Creative Lead Brand & Visual Design

Caroline specializes in the development of strategic corporate design solutions and the creation of strong brands – with an aspiration to outstanding design.

Douglas Lines

Corporate Executive, Chartered Accountant South Africa, England and Wales, Alumni of Duke University

Douglas is a deal-making expert who's led significant M&A transactions, a Business Leader who's built and led significant H1 and H2 businesses with portfolio values in excess of $8bn, and an innovator who likes to re-imagine the world we live in and who's successfully launched a global EdTech.

Susanne M. Zaninelli

Managing Director CULTURE CONTACT Munich * New York

Innovation requires a mindset that enables us to cope with a complex and chaotic environment. To navigate a rapidly changing and uncertain future, we need to overcome outdated assumptions and practices that hinder the dynamic and necessary evolution of work and life.



Co-created by 42 amazing people

Numerous innovation experts and industry thought leaders came together to create this book. They shared their extensive knowledge, insights and practical examples, as well as the frameworks, models and tools that we are offering to you OpenSource!

Key contributors

Sabine Pleva

Germany’s Miss Brand & Communication Strategy

Rubab Zafar Chaudhry

The Strategic Compass for Online Media Outreach of «How to Create Innovation»

Tara Dankel

Itinerant Philosopher, Wordsmith, Mind Ninja & the fantastic editor of «How to Create Innovation»!

Helge Tennø

Passionate customer fanatic & global CX leader

Zhao Wang

Corporate Technology Architect & Systems thinker

Karim Farris

Motion Designer, Illustrator and Art Director

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