State of the art thinking,
disciplined execution and
flawless integration.

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What we do

With unmatched understanding of the digital world, we offer state of the art thinking, disciplined execution & flawless integration. Whether your project is an enterprise transformation or a startup-like innovation initiative, we are with you the whole way – strategic direction, approach, implementation – & will stay your trusted advisors long after the project’s successful completion.

> Understand, the unmet needs of your end user

> Design the best possible strategy

> Bridge the strategy-execution gap‍

> Staff your initiative with true digital experts

> Identify & drive value where it matters

> Build new capabilities in your staff‍

But mostly, we help you to succeed. All of us at Digital Leadership have a real track record. Your success becomes our mission, which we pursue with energy, commitment & entrepreneurial spirit.


At Digital Leadership, our approach is highly adaptive, smoothly integrating where you need us. Our team becomes a part of your team, & yours a part of ours. We all work toward the same goal & share the same success.

But integration must go much further. More then 70% of all strategy projects fail due to the infamous strategy-execution gap. To bridge this gap, an initiative must itself be fully integrated.

Every aspect of an initiative – strategy, innovation, product development, branding & marketing, technology, user experience – must smartly integrate across an initiative’s life cycle.

Our Digital Leadership Strategy Approach offers an in-depth & holistic answer to this crucial, yet often woefully neglected, aspect of integration.

One team, a clearly articulated direction & an integrated & integrative approach – this is what it takes.

The relationship between quality of talent and business performance is dramatic.

Productivity gap between average performers and high performers, by job complexity


Productivity gap between average performers and high performers, by job complexity

The end user

The end user is the most neglected stakeholder of an initiative. He is often neither asked nor involved. Ultimately, though, your customers pay the bill. It does not take an expert to see that something is going awfully wrong here.

The end user has to be center stage. Value can be measured by how far we are addressing their needs or, put properly, their ”Jobs-to-be-Done.”

At the same time, a thorough understanding of customer needs is also the basis for building a value-driven roadmap – the core of strategy-execution. A customer’s unmet needs are always your businesses biggest opportunity.

Our guiding principles

Our principles guide us in all of our decisions and actions. What is it you value?

What you can expect from us

We have learned quite a few things over the last decade.
This has built the experience & know-how you can rely on today.

Your experience with Digital Leadership does not end with the life of a project.

We pride ourselves on maintaining client relationships & serving as trusted advisors for years to come. Our clients often start as colleagues & become friends.

One of the many reasons why working with Digital Leadership is an unmatched experience.


We are different – and we like it.