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      Partner for IT Strategy & Business Alignment

      Adam D. Wisniewski

      Adam is a seasoned transformation and digitization expert. He led major programs at the intersection of IT and business for international organizations

      Associate Partner Brand & Experience Design

      Patrick Zimmermann

      Patrick Zimmermann is an experience and design strategist with a long-standing track-record from firms such as IDEO, Publicis and Sapient.

      Partner Brand & Experience Design

      Caroline Hüttinger

      Caroline is a veteran brand & experience leader who’s led design experience with some of the most respected brands in the marketplace.

      Partner Culture Change

      Susanne M. Zaninelli

      Susanne is a leading authority in the field of culture change. She has led organizational change projects for key players across the world.

      Partner for Organizational Development

      Dr. Andreas Rein

      Andreas Rein is a C-Level sparring partner and organizational development agent supporting organizations from strategy to agile execution.

      Partner for Innovation & Digital Transformation

      Sascha Martini

      Sascha is a world class innovation & digital transformation leader with a human centered approach. Ex-R/GA & razorfish CEO.

      Founder& CEO

      Stefan F. Dieffenbacher

      Working with some of the largest global companies in the world, Stefan is a highly recognized industry thought leader in innovation & transformation.

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      Headquartered in Switzerland.
      Available for projects globally.

      Headquarter address:
      Digital Leadership AG
      Rennweg 57
      8001 Zurich, Switzerland
      Company ID (UID): CHE-394.760.290
      VAT Number: CHE-394.760.290 MWST
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