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Based on the largest library of Innovation & Transformation models globally. Intensely researched. Delivered by Thought Leaders. And certified.
Discover the Digital Leadership training offering and learn why it is unlike any other.
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Discover our most popular trainings

Insights from thought leaders with tons of practical knowledge

The Digital Leadership Program for Executives

Developed to enable executives to drive the #DigitalAgenda across their organization.
What you get:
  • The highlights of #strategy, #innovation & #transformation in a highly-intense and action-driven training curriculum
  • Leadership development, org-change & culture change are deeply baked into the program
  • Fully designed for an executive audience, adapted to your organization

The Innovation Training Program

Learn how to drastically increase your success rate & improve your investment security!
What you get:
  • Fully leveraging the UNITE models – the largest library of innovation & transformation models globally
  • From portfolio management to hands-on execution
  • Leveraging numerous new insights never shared in the market before
  • Delivered by the authors and key contributors of “How to Create Innovation”

The Digital Transformation Training Program

Discover the world’s first end2end transformation training program!
What you get:
  • End-to-end: we take you from the highest-level strategy all the way to reality
  • Across all domains: we cover all key perspectives from key strategic questions to the methodology, culture change and org structure
  • We cover numerous examples and case studies relevant to your organization!
  • Leveraging our own rich experience as well as the UNITE models and our book “How to Create Innovation”

The Culture Change Training Program

Learn how to deal with the elephant in the room.
What you get:
  • We share with you “the code” on mindset and behavior change at scale. Including all the key tools you will require.
  • Making culture tangible: what is it? What is your culture? What parts are working for you and what is working against you?
  • Analysis of your current organizational culture and your target-state organizational culture
  • Backed by dozens of years of research and long-term application in some of the world’s leading organizations.

The Organizational Change Training Program

Bridge the famous strategy-execution gap & elevate your organization to new levels of performance!
What you get:
  • A critical introduction on org models, capabilities, strategies for competitive advantage and the 3x Horizons
  • Bridging the famous strategy-execution gap. Discussion of critical approaches such as flight levels and OKR(A)s
  • Diagnose systemic, social, and cultural barriers that prevent your organization from achieving performance excellence
  • Key lessons learned and approaches to change leadership incl. managing, accelerating, and embedding change successfully

What makes our trainings unique


Unrivaled knowledge

Leveraging the UNITE models – the world’s largest body of research on the topic of innovation & digital transformation.

From whiteboard to reality

Our trainings are designed to always a holistic understanding of the matter end-to-end.

Delivered by industry thought leaders

Our trainers are senior executives and industry thought leaders who underpin their experience with theory and knowledge.


Our trainings integrate related disciplines. They are no one-trick ponies.

Fully tailored to YOU

We always fully tailor our programs to you. This includes trainings relevant to your firm.

“Hands on"

Our trainings are always designed to be hands-on and fully applicable in your context.


Our training contents have been tried and tested with many of the leading brands globally. And they are delivered by highly senior leaders.

UNITE Certification

All of our courses offer a certificate of completion. The UNITE certification demonstrates a certain level of accomplishment in the industry.

Extensively customized to your needs.

Each of our trainings is unlike any other. Why? We want our programs to have unique practical relevancy. To be highly strategic while at the same time being hands-on and directly applicable in your organization. That is why we always tailor our training programs to your needs.
  • You define where & when – globally
  • Fully tailored to your objectives and the participants needs
  • On-site or remote – as you need it to be
  • Prepared with your business area leadership
  • Relevant real world scenarios of your business (no generic case studies!)
  • Optionally combined with a coaching program

A few words from our friends, partners & customers


Join more than 70 enterprises enabling their employees through our trainings

Meet some of our trainers

Stefan F. Dieffenbacher

Founder and CEO of Digital Leadership
Stefan has led some of the largest innovation & transformation projects around the world.
He is an sought-after thought leader in the digital innovation and transformation industry and brings over 20 years of experience in the field. He has led major digital programs for top-10 global firms across almost all sectors, strategizing, executing and growth-hacking digital ventures with the largest business cases exceeding €100m.

Sascha Martini

Partner for Innovation & Digital Transformation
Sascha is a world class innovation & digital transformation leader with a human centered approach. Ex-R/GA & razorfish CEO.

Susanne M. Zaninelli

Partner Culture Change
Susanne is a leading authority in the field of culture change. She has led organizational change projects for key players across the world.

Dr. Andreas Rein

Partner for Digital Transformation & Organisational Change at Digital Leadership
Andreas Rein is a C-Level sparring partner and organizational development agent supporting organizations from strategy to agile execution.

questions have to be answered

Our training programs are cutting-edge and provide the very latest knowledge and skills: we proudly leverage the UNITE models – the largest library of Innovation and Transformation models globally which equally makes our trainings incredibly hands-on.

Most importantly, they are highly applied, since typically highly senior industry leaders give our trainings here at Digital Leadership.
Our training programs are typically designed for manager to executive levels across all departments. We have however occasionally trained as well larger groups of SMEs / domain experts, given awareness trainings or have been training “rising stars” in organizations.
We work together prior to the trainings with the relevant business unit(s) and the participants to understand their unique needs and objectives. We equally select together with your organization relevant case studies from within your organization that we cover as part of the trainings.
Our trainers are either highly senior people in the industry or they are intellectual thought leaders in a particular domain. They possess a deep understanding of industry leading practices and have successfully led innovation and transformation initiatives across various sectors. We do not work with classical „trainers“.
The duration and format of our training programs can vary based on your objectives and requirements. We offer flexible formats, including one-day workshops, offsites, multi-day seminars, or break our trainings down in a more digestible series of online-meetings to cater to your needs.
Yes, we can offer post-training support and follow-up sessions to ensure effective knowledge transfer and implementation. We can provide additional resources, coaching, and consultations to support your organization’s journey towards successful change.
Our cost structure for training services varies depending on the specific program, customization requirements, and delivery format. Please contact us for detailed pricing information tailored to your organization’s needs.
To book a training program or request more information, simply reach out to us! We are here to help!

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