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  • Digital Leadership – The World's First OpenSource Consultancy

    Together, we can evolve the way we do business.
    Digital Leadership was founded as the world’s first OpenSource consultancy. We believe there are better ways of doing things: together, end2end, with true engagement and leading methodologies.

    As experts in innovation and digital transformation, our mission is to help organizations create value for everyone they serve by supporting our customers from strategy to execution across all domains.

    Trusted by organizations globally

    The largest library of tools to go from whiteboard to reality

    Paving the way for innovation

    For businesses at every stage of their development, the UNITE Innovation & Transformation Models help you reconsider how you do what you do.

    We purposefully created the most extensive integrated collection of tools on the Internet covering everything you will ever need and are crazy enough to share it fully FREE and OpenSource.

    Over 10k downloads every month!

    Be invited to join this OpenSource movement and contribute with your own knowledge!


    Achieve Your Strategic Business Goals & Dominate The Competition.

    From Strategy & Innovation to Implementation and Marketing, we help you create success tailored to your business goals so you can leave the competition behind.

    Importantly, we can accompany our customers as true partners: end2end, with senior people, true engagement and based on sound methodologies.
    Personal Service. Global Reach.

    How can we grow together?

    Join dozens of satisfied businesses in using the expertise of Digital Leadership to transform how you do business.

    Why should you believe we are
    the most profitable choice for your business?

    Unrivaled knowledge

    We have the world's largest body of research on the topic of innovation and digital transformation.


    We have been there: on countless engagements for some of the world's most amazing brands.

    Highly senior

    Our typical team member has on average at least one master degree and over 10 years of relevant experience.


    Typically we work in an integrated way with your team and are designed to enable your organization.


    We are entrepreneurs ourselves and we have been in senior industry positions.


    With access to an unrivaled pool of experts, we can be as flexible as you need us to be.


    We work across all disciplines and can optionally be deeply integrated in your organization.


    We work end2end - strategy to launch to ongoing improvements.

    30-60 mins talk about
    how we could support your plans
    Twenty books in one!

    Change The Game With Tried & Tested Solutions To Successfully Innovate, Transform & Scale!

    In the last years, we led a global research project with 60+ thought leaders from practice and academia to identify better ways to creating innovation. The outcome is a stunning book titled “How to Create Innovation” covering all aspects of innovation and all models on innovation and digital transformation you will ever need.

    Our new book gives you the solutions and strategies you need to create innovation, with tools, resources and perspectives to change your strategy and culture.

    A few words from our friends, partners & customers

    Future-Focused and Proud to be Carbon Neutral

    We believe in our shared future. And we believe in doing business responsibly.

    We’re proud to be carbon neutral since a decade: we have planted 1.000s of trees across 3x countries. It’s a small way of doing our part to secure our children’s inheritance.

    But we go beyond: our purpose is “Let’s UNITE and create a world worth living in.” This is the benchmark by which we measure success. You will feel the difference in every engagement by how we speak, share, engage, invest, and enable people and organizations at large.
    Our Principles Direct Our Actions

    We are different by design.

    People Come First
    Sharing Responsibilities and Rewards
    Encouraging Development and Evolution

    Doing the right thing is more important

    We let our principles and values guide how we do business. At the end of every day, we can be proud of the decisions we considered and the actions we took because we know that doing the right thing is more important than doing what’s easy.

    Digital Leadership serves as a model for successful, responsible businesses, and we push our partners to work with the same underlying philosophies that we require of ourselves.

    Trusted by organizations globally


    Used to global delivery. Our partners are from all over the world


    Join our global network of experts

    We know our greatest strength is the diversity of our abilities and perspectives. That’s why we gather the best business minds the world has to offer and make them available to you.

    Are you ready to take the next steps toward innovation?

    Ready To Uncover Your Digital Solution?

    Speak to our team today to find the best solution for your business to grow and scale.
    Schedule Your Free Business Assessment Call With Our Team
    Find a time on our calender that best suits you !

    On this call, we will uncover your current business situation and goals and provide you with a bespoke solution that helps you drastically grow your business working with us.

    Stefan F. Dieffenbacher

    Please be invited to schedule your complimentary strategy call at your convenience! We look forward to a very special conversation!

    Have A General Inquiry?

    Simply shoot us an email by clicking the button and speak to a member of our team today to find out how we can best help you with your transformation goals.
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