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Our senior teams, with 10+ years of experience leading engagements , are flexible and can quickly start, stop, or scale thanks to our networked structure. We accompany organizations from ideation to implementation, specializing in integrating different disciplines to solve complex problems.

Experience fast, effective, and rewarding results with our senior and flexible teams that can connect the dots and take you from whiteboard to reality.

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How Digital Leadership accelerates change

Consulting: From Whiteboard to Reality

Digital Leadership is running innovation and transformation projects end-2-end. We go from whiteboard to reality and offer all services from strategy to implementation across all relevant domains and integrate them with a holistic approach.

We enable organisations to run innovation and transformation projects themselves. Our experts help to structure organizations and train teams in order to master the challenges of a rapidly changing business context.

Innovation and Transformation through Open Source UNITE Models

Digital Leadership is a consultancy with a new way of thinking in our industry. We have created a highly comprehensive and integrated library of innovation and transformation methodologies called UNITE. We share this knowledge with an approach inspired by open source projects from the software industry: a global community of experts is continuously developing our combined knowledge base further and everyone can use it for free.

We as experts apply the UNITE tools and methodologies for our clients, but we also accelerate change by making them accessible to everyone who wants to drive innovation and transformation.

Training Academy

Based on our deep Innovation & Transformation knowledge and unique methodologies we offer a variety of training from Innovation and Transformation Leadership programs for executives to organizational change trainings for practitioners.

All of our trainings are highly customized depending on the audience, the objectives, the budget and other factors relevant to you. We conduct trainings on-site and off-site with highly experienced and certified trainers.

Superior Operating Model: Flexible and Network struture

Digital Leadership is a decentralized network organization. This enables us to allocate the exact right experts for a business challenge from all over the world. Our structure makes us a highly flexible and versatile consultancy.

We are managing our company as a holocratic organization that is based on joint leadership as well as shared ownership and is UNITEd by shared values and ways of working. Our partners are not just representatives of a brand. They literally are the company.

Industry Leading Experts

Our Partners are highly senior experts with 10+ years relevant leadership experience in their respective domains and a major track record of business success. All of them are dedicated to a human approach based on collaboration and mutual trust.

Our selection of partners is reflecting our holistic approach. We believe that successful innovation requires experts from very different domains such as strategy, design, IT/software development, culture and organizational design who are working collaboratively together in order to create sustainable change. We are all driven by the passion to evolve – individually and as a collective.

Our Partners

At Digital Leadership AG, we work with a talented and experienced team of Partners who bring a wealth of expertise to every project.
Our Partners are seasoned leaders from different domains with a deep passion for innovation and transformation. They bring a diverse range of skills and experience to the table, including strategic planning, technical expertise, and project management.
Whether working with clients to drive digital transformation, implement new technologies, or achieve their goals, our Partners are dedicated to delivering outstanding results.

With a focus on excellence and a commitment to client success, our partners are an integral part of the Digital Leadership AG team.

Our Service Offering

We accompany Organizations from whiteboard to Reality integrating all disciplines through our networked Structure


Go beyond product & leverage the entire spectrum of innovation


Drive value with a superior business setup. End2end and across all domains.


Create a new level of customer experience and … convert!

IT Strategy &
Business Alignment

Align your business roadmap with technological transformation.

Culture &
Organisation Change

Strucutre and culture are the foundation for every organization

UNITE Models: Our OpenSource approach

Discover the largest library of Innovation & Transformation tools on the Internet!

THE UNITE Jobs-to-be-Done Statement & Map

jobs to be done

The UNITE Business Model Canvas

The UNITE Value Proposition Canvas

The UNITE Elevator Pitch Template

Twenty books in one!

Change The Game With Tried & Tested Solutions To Successfully Innovate, Transform & Scale!

In the last years, we led a global research project with 60+ thought leaders from practice and academia to identify better ways to creating innovation. The outcome is a stunning book titled “How to Create Innovation” covering all aspects of innovation and all models on innovation and digital transformation you will ever need.

Our new book gives you the solutions and strategies you need to create innovation, with tools, resources and perspectives to change your strategy and culture.

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