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The Founder of

Digital Leadership

Over 20 multi-million Euro & Dollar projects, 13 years abroad living in 11 countries, research and lectures at several European universities, 9 startups either co-founded or invested in, setup of 7 companies, over 1.000 workshops, numerous awards and always new impulses for the enterprises of this world

– this is Stefan F.Dieffenbacher.

Track record.

Stefan has led numerous large-scale international initiatives in the area of Enterprise Innovation & Transformation, & has also built and invested in a number of disruptive innovation & start-up initiatives. The largest engagements include building up & managing a workforce of over 400 people, with a total amount invested of over €100 Million.

Keynotes & Lectures.

Stefan has given numerous keynotes and lectures to institutions around the world on his core topic of enterprise innovation & transformation.

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