Is Your Business Stuck In The Past?

Let’s travel your company into the digital future!

How do we do that?
By removing the biggest obstacle to success: silos.

What do we mean by that?
Most often, we find strategies to be stuck in silos. Rather than focusing on one bit, we bridge the silos, develop a vision everybody will buy into, and create a unifying strategy and roadmap for getting there, including realigning the value-, service-, experience- and operating model.

No matter where you stand, we draw a custom roadmap to success.

And we walk you through it, step by step!

All of our solutions are tailor made from start to finish, never using pre-conceived solutions and strategies.

We find out exactly what is right for you and the roadmap we need to create to achieve your goals, together.

Leverage growth opportunities through Digital Transformation

Hear what others who have consumed the expert content inside our book have said.

How we accelerate your business growth

The main reason why more than 50% of digital transformations fail?
Because businesses, from the smallest to the largest, have a hard time filling the infamous strategy-execution gap.

This is why we are here end2end and support you in carrying out the changes you need to make. We are here to help you go from whiteboard to reality.

Run a digital transformation

Reshape your business and operating model to leverage more successfully your distinctive assets thanks to digital technologies!

Find out how
Relaunch your digital channels

Achieve up to 50% growth by relaunching your digital channels and aligning organisational goals with user intent!

Grow your digital channels
Create new digital services and channels

Could you do more to leverage your user base?
Create new digital services to target them and get up to a double digit increase in sales!

Disrupt & Thrive
Digital Go2Market of an existing offer

Want to translate an existing offer into a digital product or service? We specialize in making new offerings successful based on our unique approaches.

Make more
30-60 mins talk about
how we could support your plans

How to go about a Digital Transformation

We know what you’re probably thinking: how?

The challenging part about a transformation is that you are touching multiple parts of your system. Even if you are just changing your pricing model or sales channel, you will likely need to adapt your value-, service-, experience- and operating model.

Failing to do so effectively, most organizations do not manage to see their projects through.

Want to know more? Let’s talk!

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Once perfectly configured, implement the transformative change into your core organization
Extensively test the business setup and product with customers.
Go through short cycles to adapt all components of your product, business- and operating model
Understand the levers: what and where best to apply change?
Start with a team experienced with conducting digital transformations

Why should you believe we can deliver what we promise?

Unrivaled knowledge

We may have the world's largest body of research on the topic of innovation.


We have been there: on countless engagements for some of the world's most amazing brands.

Highly senior

Our typical team member has on average at least one master degree and over 10 years of experience.


Typically we work in an integrated way with your team and will enable you.


We are entrepreneurs ourselves and we have been in senior industry positions.


With access to an unrivaled pool of experts, we can be as flexible as you need us to be.


We work across all disciplines and can optionally be deeply integrated in your organization.


We work end2end - strategy to launch to ongoing improvements.

30-60 mins talk about how we could support your plans

Trusted by organizations globally

We are here to help

Anyway you need

We are available to accompany transformations from strategy to reality in our highly hands-on and practical approach.


We can teach your team our expertise so that they can increase their competency and success rate.

Supervisory board

We can become members of your supervisory board for a high level guidance and strategy.

Launch an Innovation Unit

We can create, moderate and run high-impact workshops to drive the results you want to see.


Our experienced specialists can support you in senior positions as long as you need us to for.

Innovate a core business

You can also fully outsource to us and leverage our capabilities.

Take control of your game!
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Digital Leadership has really delivered, providing us a team of experts with strong experience in the digital domain. They truly integrated with our team, and went well above and beyond what was promised.

Group HR Business Partner of a leading international media concern.

Meet Our Partners

Adam D. Wisniewski

Partner for IT Strategy & Business Alignment

With over 20 years experience in Management Consulting and having led large transformation and digitization Programs at major banks in Switzerland and abroad, Adam D. Wisniewski has extensive experience in transforming businesses and technologies. Working with all key parties, Adam's goal is not only to address the most pressing existing challenges, but to find sustainable, future-proof solutions through an inclusive approach with his clients.


Dr. Andreas Rein

Partner for Organizational Development

Andreas Rein is a C-Level sparring partner and organizational development leader supporting organizations to go from whiteboard to reality. Andreas has extremely broad experience, integrating a broad perspective across all disciplines. He has led countless large engagements as a leader, advisor and C-level sparring partner.


Stefan F. Dieffenbacher

Founder & CEO

Over 30 multi-million euro & dollar worth projects, 9 startups either co-founded or invested in, 7 companies set up and over 1.000 workshops. Stefan F. Dieffenbacher, founder of Digital Leadership, has led major innovation and digital transformation programs for top-10 firms across the globe and across almost all sectors, with the largest business cases exceeding USD1 billion.


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Stefan F. Dieffenbacher

Digital Leadership
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