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Uncover the most effective, forward-thinking ways of creating innovation! Learn how to to reduce the time to market from 2 years to as little as 6 months, increase your success rate by 5x and decrease investment costs by up to 50%.  

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Current State Assessment (1)



Gap Analysis & Recommendations (1)

Gap Analysis & ​ recommendations

Future Innovation Blueprint (1)

Target innovation blueprint​

How we will define

your innovation blueprint

Current State Assessment

In this first stage, we jointly review your current innovation practices including … everything!
Key Understandings:
  • Your competitive context: do you need to innovate? Where are you innovating today vs. where should you be innovating? ​
  • Do you have the right foundation? Do you play to your strengths, create unfair advantage, understand customer needs etc.
  • How do you innovate today across both incubation and acceleration? Do you leverage the right types of innovation?
  • Your current culture and organisational setup
  • Governance, decision-making, ownership

The Process

Typically two insightful workshops with relevant representatives of your team and leadership based on our methods and tools.

Final Deliverables

A complete perspective of your business based on proven, industry-leading frameworks. 

Gap Analysis & Recommendations

In this second stage, we will conduct a broad gap analysis of your status quo and and your desired aspirations against leading practices. 
Key Understandings:
  • How to circumvent issues that surfaced in the past?
  • How to structurally avoid the most common innovation challenges?
  • What structure and setup is required to achieve the intended results
  • Where to innovate and how to leverage your strengths to drive unfair advantage
  • Where to innovate and how to leverage your strengths to drive unfair advantage
  • Any questions you might be having: based on 20 years of innovation experience, we are happy to answer any question.

The Process

2-4 individual meetings, 1-2 hours each, with relevant experts and representatives.

Final Deliverables

A full gap analysis against the most common critical success factors and industry-leading practices !

Future Innovation Blueprint

In this third and final section of the process, we will design a new recommended business setup and approach based on our previous analysis and your future goals. This will include a 360° perspective strategy, business, technology, customer and market including their implications. 
Key Understandings:
  • Target innovation approach and processes with particular emphasis on points of change
  • Detailed business and operating model as drive innovation success
  • Blueprint for a winning project and organisational structure
  • Deep-dive on the most critical points such as identifying important but unmet customer needs, building the right culture, moving from incubation to growth, validating success etc.

The Process

1-2x major workshops for presentation and discussion with the experts and 1x concluding executive presentation. 

Final Deliverables

Your final Blueprint report including our full analysis, plan of approach, industry leading practices, initial effort estimates and next steps to realisation. 

Are You Ready To design your innovation blueprint and hit your goals In just one week?  

Uncover the most effective, industry-leading practices to reduce your time to market from 2 years to as little as 6 months, increase your success rate by 5x and decrease associated costs by up to 80%.  

You will be working together with Stefan F. Dieffenbacher and his Partner colleagues to design your Innovation Blueprint. 

Stefan is the Founder of Digital Leadership and a global thought-leader in the innovation space. 
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Current State Assessment (1)

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Gap Analysis & Recommendations (1)

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Future Innovation Blueprint (1)

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