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Find out how a far-sighted Technology Strategy will empower business growth! Learn how to to reduce time to market from 2 years to as little as 6 months, realise efficiency gains of 20% and ultimately, achieve revenue increases of 5-15%*

* Might vary depending on industry and scope of the transformation

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Current State Assessment (1)



Gap Analysis & Recommendations (1)

Gap Analysis & ​ recommendations

Future Innovation Blueprint (1)

Target Technology Strategy blueprint​

How we will define Your

Technology Strategy blueprint

Current State Assessment

In this first stage, we jointly review your current technology landscape including:
Key Understandings:
  • Your technology landscape: Where are the pain points ? How do you compare with your competition ?​
  • Your Business- and Technology-Strategies: How well are they aligned ? Which business-goals require an adjustment to the Technology Strategy ?
  • Your operating model: How well is it aligned with your desired business development ?
  • Your current culture and organisational setup
  • Governance, decision-making, ownership

The Process

2-3 half-day group workshops with relevant representatives of your leadership team. 

Final Deliverables

A complete mapped report of the current state of your technology landscape based on proven, industry-leading frameworks. 

Gap Analysis & Recommendations

In this second stage, we will conduct a broad gap analysis of your company’s technology strategy as it stands against leading practices and your desired aspirations and goals. 
Key Understandings:
  • Which technological approaches best fit your business strategy
  • Which new bus. development opportunities arise from the adoption of new technologies  
  • Where are cost-saving and revenue-potential opportunities
  • What is the potential of an improved organisational structure and 3rd party collaboration strategy
  • How to focus your internal activities to start moving forward. 

The Process

2-4 individual meetings, 1-2 hours each, with relevant business unit representatives.

Final Deliverables

A full analysis report and initial recommended development options.

Future Technology Strategy Blueprint

In this third and final section of the process, we will design a new recommended technology approach based on our previous analysis and your future goals. This will include options for technological choice, organisation structure, alignment with business goals and first estimates on implementation efforts. 
Key Understandings:
  • A comprehensive understanding of your company’s technological strengths 
and weaknesses
  • A clear, actionable view based on proven frameworks to move towards 
your technology and business goals 
  • Alignment among your business and IT units with complete clarity and transparency
  • Full confidence in your future decision-making ability reg. technology 

The Process

2-3 group workshops, 2-3 hours each with all relevant business unit representatives.   

Final Deliverables

Your final Blueprint report including our full analysis, first development options, initial effort estimates and next steps to realisation. 

Are You Ready To design Your technology Strategy Blueprint To Hit Your Goals In 7 Days?  

Learn how to to reduce time to market from 2 years to as little as 6 months, realise efficiency gains of 20% and ultimately, achieve revenue increases of 5-15%*

* Might vary depending on industry and scope of the transformation

You will be working together with Adam D. Wisniewski and his Partner colleagues as required to complete your Technology Strategy Blueprint. 

Adam is a Partner at Digital Leadership and a seasoned expert in IT- and Technology-strategic topics, and their interplay with Business-Strategy. 
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