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In “Laying the Foundation for Innovation,” the author delves into the crucial prerequisites for success

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15 June، 2023

Stefan Dieffenbacher’s “How to Create Innovation” is a compelling book that explores the multifaceted nature of innovation and provides a roadmap for organizations looking to unleash their creative potential. Through a well-crafted table of contents, Dieffenbacher takes readers on a journey that covers various aspects of innovation and its implementation.

The book starts with an engaging introduction, urging readers to unite and strive towards creating a world worth living in. This sets the tone for the subsequent chapters, where Dieffenbacher dives into understanding the context of innovation, challenging conventional notions of growth and change.

In “Laying the Foundation for Innovation,” the author delves into the crucial prerequisites for success. This section offers valuable insights into creating an environment that nurtures innovation, allowing organizations to thrive in an increasingly dynamic landscape.

The centerpiece of the book is the UNITE Innovation Framework introduced in Chapter 4. Dieffenbacher outlines a systematic approach for organizations to drive innovation, leveraging their strengths and strategically creating new opportunities. This framework offers a valuable resource for leaders and decision-makers seeking a structured approach to innovation.

Dieffenbacher expands the scope of the book beyond organizational structures by delving into the significance of culture and governance in fostering innovation. He highlights the pivotal role of culture in determining an organization’s ability to innovate and presents practical strategies for aligning culture with innovation goals.

The book further explores the complexities of business model innovation, equipping readers with the necessary tools to navigate this challenging terrain. Additionally, Dieffenbacher provides insights into leading a successful digital transformation, offering a fresh perspective on this increasingly relevant topic.

In the final chapters, the author provides practical advice on putting the concepts into action, including training requirements and kickstarting innovation initiatives

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