Experienced specialists
to strengthen your team

Staffing Redefined. Finding the right candidate for your innovation project.

Digital Leadership has the people you need, distinguished experts with real experience in digital innovation. We have assembled a network of top performers, sussed them, trained & developed them, worked side by side with them for many years. We offer individual experts, entire teams & an extended workbench.

Why are experts from Digital Leadership different?

Building a shared understanding

> Understanding digital transformation, digital strategy & digital innovation

> Transformation initiatives

> Innovation initiatives

> Hype cycle

> Why different approaches are required today

Understanding the context

> Learning from the leaders: key points from the Outperformer Study – the largest research effort on innovation & transformation ever conducted

> Understanding the Enterprise Innovation & Transformation Life Cycle

> Where to play & how to win: working with the Innovation Ambition Matrix

> Implications for an Enterprise Portfolio Strategy

Enterprise Strategy

> Forces & trends

> Portfolio strategy: where to place your bets (portfolio allocation, steps towards a portfolio approach, make or buy)

> Where to add value: forces, drivers, capabilities

> Understanding the financial perspectives of innovation & transformation

> Building an innovation & transformation capability: purpose, link to strategy, value proposition, financials, organizational structure & framing, key steps on your journey

> Execution – strategic level: organizational design, governance, monitoring, risk-management, role of key stakeholders, capturing new emerging & disruptive forces, spotting cost- & value opportunities, measuring progress

> Execution – operational level: key steps on transformation & innovation initiatives

> Change Management

Running an initiative

> Overview: the Enterprise Innovation & Transformation life cycle

> Defining the direction

> How to really identify customer needs

> Finding the right business model; Business Model Innovation

> The approach to Enterprise Innovation & Transformation

> Measuring progress

> Developing value-driven roadmaps

> Leveraging existing enterprise capabilities & how to create your own unfair advantage

> Setting up & applying effective Governance mechanisms

Outstanding digital experts & leaders – across all disciplines

How can freelancers
add value?​

Find the Right Knowledge & Experience Quickly
  • No lengthy application process
  • Specialized experts available now
Staff Flexibly
  • You decide when & how long you need an expert
  • Staffing levels can be quickly adjusted depending on strategy & needs
Lower Personnel Costs
  • No additional salary or severance pay upon termination
  • No royalties, bonuses, paid holidays or other special payments
Benefit from the Newest Thinking
  • The right freelancers are innovative, entrepreneurial & highly motivated
  • They can bring experience from other organizations, industries & business models

Why Experts from
Digital Leadership?

Loyal Partnership
  • 10+ years of experience with digital innovation projects
  • Proven track record with well-known customers
  • Expert network extending across Europe
  • Real world experience enhances our ability to evaluate our experts & your needs
  • Ongoing research, work & interaction with industry leaders
Strong Network
  • We make available distinguished experts, whom we have employed on our own projects & often have known for many years.
  • Access to our exclusive network of over 10,000 experts
  • Highly qualified freelancers with deep expertise & strong social skills
  • We treat our experts as employees, offering professional development & training
  • Experts are available in all areas, including Project, Product, UX, IT & Marketing
Deep Understanding
  • We are your brand ambassadors, communicating a strong employer image
  • Holistic support & regular communication with you & with the freelancers
  • Knowledge exchange regarding the industry & current trends
  • Integrity, commitment & responsibility
  • Personal relationship with the freelancers

Digital Experts for your specific Needs.

10+ years of real-world experience give us an edge over mere recruiters. And staffing is a priority for our highly experienced team – we do not delegate this task.

Our distinguished experts ‍provide your project with additional work, expertise & other support as needed, & your team retains responsibility for all decisions, & in particular strategic decisions.

We accompany you throughout the project & make sure it is a success. If needed, we can help you comply with legal requirements.

You choose the location: at your premises, in premises that we organize, or remote work. For many tasks we can also make available qualified experts from locations with lower labor costs – near-shore sites with a 2 hour maximum time difference.


Need to strengthen your existing team, or bring in a role-based consultant to help with strategy or implementation? We make available distinguished experts, whom we have employed on our own projects & often have known for many years

Whole teams

Looking for an entire team for your project? Based on the requirements of your initiative, we develop an overall matching concept: org-chart, project management approach (e.g. waterfall with milestones, Agile with Scrum, Kanban or Scrumban) & determine the staffing requirements.

Extended workbench

Do you already have your own team, but need more capacity? We can support you with our unique extended workbench, allowing you to concentrate your own resources on business-critical tasks while we support you with whatever else needs to get done.