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It’s about time to act.

Organizations are faced with massive challenges in today’s turbulent business environment. And let’s face it – these challenges are difficult to overcome. We can only expect change to accelerate, so regardless of where you stand today it’s time to up your game.

We are a partner that can help you augment your capabilities across innovation & digital transformation. We cover the entire spectrum, up to the highest levels, with some of us serving as board members & industry thought leaders.

Digital Transformation Global Overview


of companies mastered digital to a point of differentiation from their competitors


of companies think they are digital natives


of companies did not start with digital transformation


feel they will fall behind competitors if the don’t start digital transformation by 2019

Source: aggregate from different statistics available from McKinsey 2019, NI-X 2019 & Gartner 2019.

It’s the best time in history to be in business!

The challenges in today’s business environment also represent the greatest opportunities.

Our keynote speeches, informal talks, training & coaching sessions are led by people with an outstanding track record in making change happen for both startups & leading organizations across Europe & around the world.

There has never been a more exciting time to be in business. Let us tell you why.

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Our Top Executive Training. Learn more:

Keynotes & Inspirations

Learn from our Experience, Deep Research & Repeated Success.

Digital Innovation

> New Horizons: How can large organizations create true digital innovation?

> Learning from Winners: The successful formulas of leading companies & start-ups

> Experience Counts: Examples from Europe’s biggest & best, & from our own practice

Digital Transformation

> Making it Fit: How can a successful digital transformation of an existing businesses work? From strategy to execution!

> Maximizing Value: How to optimize your potential & create value-driven roadmaps

> How’d They Do It?: Success stories from leaders in Automotive, Banking, E-commerce, Media, Telecommunications & more

Digital Leadership

> Change for the Better: Management style & corporate culture in the digital age

> Together we Thrive: Successful teams & teamwork in the digital age

> Shared Goals, Shared Success: Leadership mechanisms to increase enthusiasm, participation & commitment

Training & Coaching

Whether you are an established company or a start-up, you can benefit from our knowledge, experience, research & repeated success.

Every one of us has been out there in real-world situations, creating, executing & integrating successful innovation & transformation initiatives.

Our training & coaching sessions cover the entire digital agenda, including business model innovation, product & service development, prototyping, MVPs, value-driven roadmaps, user experience, agile leadership, scrum & pivoting, new corporate cultures & mindsets & much more.

Your modular catalogue: training & coaching components

The following subjects & courses are regularly offered, & can be combined & modified to meet your specific needs:

Our Top Executive Training: The Digital Leadership Program

The Digital Leadership Program is an immersive training program for companies wanting to optimize & accelerate their digital transformation.

The core target group is senior management & executives. The training will allow you to understand, manage & implement the components of your Digital Transformation.