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The 8-step Process for Leading Change

Once you’ve used the Horizon 2 Digital Transformation process to make a step-change to your Business, you need to bring this innovation back into your core H1 business. This is where many transformation efforts fail. Follow the well-established 8-Step Process to successfully implement your innovation in the core organization.

The most established change management model globally

Gives you clear steps based on which you can map out your change initiative

Focuses on the critical role of organizational culture

What the download contains

  • The 8-step Process for Leading Change
  • The UNITE Culture Canvas
  • The UNITE Horizons of Growth
  • Overview of the entire UNITE Business Model Framework, helping you understand the role of the Business Model Environment Canvas in context
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Why we use it:

Prior to apply the step-change innovation back to your core business, you need to figure out your recipe for success. This is done by leveraging the H3 innovation process. The ultimate objective is to have your business- and operating model again perfectly aligned, which you importantly validate with an MVP approach. Once you are ready to start integrating the innovation back into your core organization, follow Kotter’s 8-step change process to bring your transformation into the company smoothly.


The change management process begins with creating urgency. Begin explaining to stakeholders why change is necessary. Then build a coalition. Bring together people who see the need for change and leverage them to build support in their own smaller groups. Third, create a vision for change. Link competing ideas about how to solve your problem into an overall vision that aligns with your company’s values. Then, crucially, you need to communicate your vision. Members of your organization are bombarded by a lot of information everyday. You need to make sure that your message is clear and compelling and communcated frequently. This will also allow you to identify people who might prove resistant to the change early on. Once you’ve identified people and other factors who might be obstacles, focus on eliminating those obstacles. Listen to those with concerns and see whether you can find a way to assuage them. Try to achieve some early successes, which will allow you to build momentum, and once you have achieved a critical mass of support, anchor the change in your company culture.

What is the goal of the model?

A successful step-change transformation. Change is difficult because organizations are designed for stability and have an elaborate immune system that protects them from change. Your organization has spent vast amounts of time and energy optimizing its current business model, and they don’t want to throw that into chaos. But, at the same time, we know that if we don’t disrupt ourselves, someone else will do it for us. So staying where you are in times of significant change is a recipe for failure.

That’s why change management has itself become a core competency.
To put it provocatively: your ability to change might be more important than any other capability of your business. And alongside comes an organizational culture that supports change. That is what will keep your company ahead of the game in the long run.



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The Origin of this Model:
» How to Create Innovation «

How to Create Innovation is a practical, comprehensive, OpenSource guide for successful corporate innovation. The UNITE initiative and movement, spearheaded by Stefan F. Dieffenbacher and Caroline Hüttinger and supported by a diverse team of industry leaders and innovation researchers, aims to spark a revolution in global innovation and transformation.


How to CREATE INNOVATION is a workbook for students, innovators, designers, and government and corporate leaders who appreciate and are curious about emerging technologies and the accelerating pace of innovation. It challenges the status quo and supports the development of the mindset, beliefs and strategies necessary for the next stage of business evolution. Leverage the UNITE innovation framework to conceptualize and build the future of your business.

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Shared goals are the cornerstone of our customer approach. To date, our team has successfully led 74 projects with numerous global players across all industry sectors, ranging from $50,000 projects to $100 million ones. But helping our customers’ build their futures is not enough. We are committed to changing the world through the sharing of powerful innovation and transformation practices. Join the UNITE movement and help us start an innovation revolution.
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