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The UNITE Assessment of Strategic Moves

The Assessment of Strategic Moves shows us that risks increase with additional steps away from the current economic core of an organization. Leverage this tool to think about which steps you are making and how far afield you are going from your core.

Helps you assess your strategic moves

Shows that risk increases as you move away from your econominc core

Maps your possible moves against the 3 Horizons of Growth

What the download contains

  • The UNITE Business Intentions
  • The UNITE Assessment of Strategic Moves
  • The UNITE Strategic Options Matrix
  • The UNITE Horizons of Growth
  • Overview of the entire UNITE Business Model Framework, helping you understand the role of the business modelling in context
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Why we use it:

When considering ways to stay ahead of the curve and future proof your business, the question often arises, “How innovative do we need to be?” The surprising answer is – not very. The history of corporate transformation demonstrates that you do not have to go far afield to uncover effective ways to innovate. You are more likely to be successful if you seek change in your own backyard. We use the Assessment of Strategic Moves to think about the risks and rewards of moving farther afield.


While the pay off from radical transformation can be bigger, it is inherently riskier because increasing complexity and more unknown factors decrease the odds of success. Conversely, the closer you stay to your core, the higher your probability of a successful transformation.
Thus, an expansion strategy should be based on a series of moves into adjacent areas away from, but related to, the core business, such as new product lines or new distribution channels. These sequential moves carry less risk than diversification, yet they can create enormous competitive advantage, because they stem directly from what the company already knows and does best.

What is the goal of the model?

Less risk, more reward. Your differentiating activities are the core of your business and your brand. The further you move away from them, the greater the risk of upsetting the balance of your organization. Therefore, the best approach for adapting to changing market conditions is to stick with most of what you have today—your existing customers, channels, capabilities, value creation setup, etc.—and to just move into adjacent areas as you see opportunities for solving a related problem in a new space.



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The Origin of this Model:
» How to Create Innovation «

How to Create Innovation is a practical, comprehensive, OpenSource guide for successful corporate innovation. The UNITE initiative and movement, spearheaded by Stefan F. Dieffenbacher and Caroline Hüttinger and supported by a diverse team of industry leaders and innovation researchers, aims to spark a revolution in global innovation and transformation.


How to CREATE INNOVATION is a workbook for students, innovators, designers, and government and corporate leaders who appreciate and are curious about emerging technologies and the accelerating pace of innovation. It challenges the status quo and supports the development of the mindset, beliefs and strategies necessary for the next stage of business evolution. Leverage the UNITE innovation framework to conceptualize and build the future of your business.

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